Want to ask me more questions? I have more answers here!

Where can I get your porn?
You can go here to see what is available! You can purchase vids on Manyvids, or you can tip me through MFC

Why aren’t you a feminist? Don’t you believe in gender equality?
I have mixed views on this. I am all for women’s rights, but most people who call themselves ‘feminists’ nowadays are people I end up disagreeing with a lot. I’m hesitant to use the word.

Can I donate to you for the good of mankind?
Yeah man, just click here: Donate Bitcoins and thank you!

What’s your MBTI?

When do you cam? When can I see you live?
I tweet when I’m going to get on cam! It’s been irregular lately due to travel, but I should be on much more regularly in a few months. I usually cam on myfreecams.com, but occasionally on chaturbate.com!

Can we meet up and get drinks?
I attend a fancy clothing-optional party every January in Las Vegas. I will be posting more about the event as the date approaches. If you’d like to meet me in an environment where I’m teetering around in heels that pass from ‘helpless and can’t run from bears’ into ‘can helpfully knife out bear eyes’, then that’s the place to do it!

Are you single?
Yes. I am polyamorous and open, so I sometimes have sex with friends, but I am dating nobody and see no romantic partner on a regular basis.

Are you gay?
No, I like both men and women nearly equally.

Which would you rather fight, a single horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?
A horse-sized duck, absolutely. I am fundamentally not okay with swarms of things.

Why are you like this?
I don’t know exactly what ‘this’ means. I have noticed that homeschooling has made me weirder though..

Can I buy your artwork?
Yes you can!

What is ‘Aella’ from and how do you pronounce it?
It is from the Greek, meaning ‘whirlwind’! You pronounce it Ay-lah, not Ay-ella.

What size is your body?
30DD boobs, size 7 feet, 25″waist, 120 lbs, and I’m 5’8 tall, for future taxidermy and/or manhunt purposes.

Do you work out?
Naw, but I dance a lot and masturbation just goes straight to my abs.

“you are saying that you had a rough childhood with super christian parentd who were strict and kinda abusive? and now you seem to be a nudemodel and be doing porn, are you kinda doing this to shock your parents or something? or to show them that you are not willing to live a life unter their influence and with their rules?” –schopenhauers-wife

I get this question a lot!

The answer is that I don’t know for sure, and it is possible my upbringing put me onto a reactionary path.

But I doubt it. As far as I can tell, I am not doing this to “shock my parents.” I didn’t start being a cammodel until years after I left home and abandoned the faith, and I only did it as a last resort because I needed money. I also kept it a secret from them for as long as I could.

I’ve done a lot of other reactionary things to prove my independence (mostly to myself), but camming was not one of them.