crop33.jpgWelcome to the home base of me, a mostly-nude 23-year old human female who holds the prestigious trophy of #1 Gonewild Post Of All Time, which sounds great to say but is probably damaging my chances of one day getting hired as a PR rep for childrens charities.

I was homeschooled my entire childhood by fundamentalist Christians in Idaho. After leaving home, losing my faith, and being too poor for college or sufficient food, I turned to a series of shitty jobs involving windowless factories and waking up at 4am. I eventually escaped from that into the warm embrace of porn, which I used to fund dives into far away realms, both physical and psychedelic. I did a documentary or two. I spent a year doing nothing but acid, which nearly killed me, but I got better.

My hobbies include ballroom dancing, fantasy/scifi, cartography, sweating on command, braiding hair, experimenting with nootropics, being naked, playing videogames, typing super fast, and drunkenly debating consciousness in dimly lit group houses.

Contact me at aellafantastic@gmail.com or  on twitter