crop33.jpgWelcome to the home base of me, a mostly-nude 23-year old human female who holds the prestigious trophy of #1 Gonewild Post Of All Time, which sounds great to say but looks weird on a resume.

I was homeschooled from K-12 by fundamentalist Christians in Idaho. After leaving home, losing my faith, and being too poor for college, I turned to a series of shitty jobs involving windowless factories and waking up at 4am. I eventually escaped from that into the warm embrace of porn, which I used to fund dives into far away realms, both physical and psychedelic. I did a documentary or two. I spent a year doing maybe too much acid.

My hobbies include ballroom dancing, fantasy/scifi and worldbuilding, cartography, traffic intersections, sweating on command, braiding hair, experimenting with nootropics, Overwatch, playing Abalone, typing super fast, and drunkenly debating consciousness in dimly lit group houses.

Contact me at aellafantastic@gmail.com or @aella_girl on twitter