Kinks and Kinkiness

I recently did a kink survey, where I had you guys rate how kinky (in the sense of taboo or socially scandalous) they thought various kinks were.

I picked 31 different kinks, fetishes, preferences, and types of play. I grouped together some kinks in the same family (monsters/tentacles, diaper/infantilism, etc.). A lot of people either misread or didn’t read my instructions at all, and so I unfortunately had to throw out around 15% of the results. Lesson learned – I’ll be clearer next time!

I ended up with a total of 443 usable responses, with 121 female and 322 male. (I eliminated the ‘other’ category because there were only 12 usable answers)

So without further ado, here is the Official Kink Rating:

  • 1.38: Sex positions (doggystyle, 69ing, etc.)
  • 2.37: Uniforms (costumes; police, maid, etc.)
  • 2.42:  Spanking
  • 2.68: Light Bondage (fuzzy handcuffs, silk blindfolds, etc.)
  • 2.7:  Anal sex
  • 4.08: Sex outside (at work, in public bathrooms, in nature)
  •  4.2:  Latex
  • 4.32: Voyeurism
  • 4.33: Dominance/submission
  • 4.46: Exhibitionism
  • 5.21: Masochism (arousal from receiving pain)
  • 5.29: Transformations (from smart to bimbo, growing muscles, limbs, inflation, etc.)
  • 5.8:  Sadism: (arousal from giving pain)
  • 5.74: Lactation (breast milk)
  • 5.81: Inanimate objects (attraction to shoes, panties, buildings)
  • 5.93: Asphyxiation (choking self or others)
  • 6.16: Futa (girls with dicks)
  • 6.32: Heavy bondage (full immobility, suspension, predicament bondage, etc.)
  • 6.59: Monsters (tentacles, aliens, deformities, etc.)
  • 6.62: Rapeplay
  • 6.82: Watersports (urination)
  • 7.16: Dirtiness (soiled things, decaying things, disgust)
  • 7.25: Piercing/cutting (the act of piercing)
  • 7.8:  Incest
  • 8.01: Diaper/infantile (or any other form of child roleplay)
  • 8.34: Insects (including other creepy crawlies, seafood, etc.)
  • 8.61: Vore (being consumed or consuming another person/creature)
  • 8.78: Bestiality
  • 9.05: Pedophilia (I am aware many do not consider this a kink please stop messaging me)
  • 9.07: Scat (poop)
  • 9.51: Necrophilia (sexual attraction to dead bodies)

Men rated kinkiness on average at a 5.86, while women rated on average of 6.0

There were some differences in gender for individual kinks. Here are the top 7 discrepancies.

Voyeurism (.8)

Men: 4.1 Women: 4.9

Lactation (.6)

Men: 5.6 Women: 6.2

Dirtiness (.6)

Men: 7 Women: 7.6

Futa (.6)

Men: 6.4 Women: 5.8

Inanimate Objects (.5)

Men: 5.7 Women: 6.2

Diaper/infantile (.5)

Men: 7.9 Women: 8.4

Light bondage (.4)

Men: 2.8 Women: 2.4

Followups, all at .3, are incest, bestiality, monsters, creepy crawlies, and sadism, all which women think are more kinky.

The two that men consider more kinky is futa and light bondage, while they think all the others are less kinky than women do. I’m not really sure how to interpret this. My first thought was that people were rating according to perceived backlash, so for example men think futa is kinkier because society might mock them for being gay, but that doesn’t explain things like voyeurism, which has a worse stigma against peeping men, but is rated less kinky by men.

I also asked people to count how many of the listed kinks did turn them on (a good test being – have they or would they have searched for porn of it – or does it make your penis hard/vagina wet?).

Men: 10
Women: 8.5

so men on average liked about 1.5 more items on the list than women did. This might because I subconsciously listed more male-friendly kinks? I’m not sure. I initially thought it was too woman-friendly, because I am a woman and a lot of kinks I thought of were kinks that I had. But who knows. So I added up the score of all the kinks I have and got a total rounded sum of 68.

Is that a lot? I don’t know. Add up your total and reblog this post with your kink score!

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